Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Adventures of Grover and Gillian

It was the summer of 2012, when Grover and Gillian met. It's kinda a funny story how they met. They were both on a beach in North Carolina when they first saw each other. Grover was a lifeguard and Gillian was just another girl on the beach. Anyway, so at one point Gillian went into the water and she was out really far. Grover looked and saw that she was struggling. He grabbed his life preserver and swam out to save her. Grover got there just in time. He dragged Gillian to the shore and examined her to see if she was okay. Grover began CPR on her. After 15 minutes she was saved!! After that they became instant friends. They ended up spending that whole summer together!

On there last night in North Carolina Grover and Gillian spent the whole day together. Grover wanted to tell Gillian how he felt about her. He wanted to tell her before she left. The thing is with Grover is that he is really bad with telling people how he feels. He came up with the idea of telling her how he felt in a letter.

As the day turns into night Gillian and Grover walked along the beach talking. Grover felt like he was ready to give Gillian the letter but he couldn't do it. All of these fears popped into his head.
"What if she doesn't feel the same way?"
"What if I ruin our friendship?"
All of these questions scared him.

"Grover can I tell you something?" Gillian asked.
"You can tell me anything." Grover said.
"We spent a whole amazing summer together and I have been wanting to tell you this for the longest time but I couldn't do it but I can now. Grover I like you." Gillian said with relief.
"Really?" Grover said happily. "I feel the exact same way!! I was way to scared to tell you. I wrote you a letter telling you how I felt but I was to scared to give it to you." Grover gives her the note. Gillian read the note and was so happy. Grover walked Gillian home after that. They said there goodbyes but as Gillian walked to her door Grover wiped her around and kissed her goodbye. Gillian was on cloud 9 and could not wait to see Grover again next summer.