Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blue, Bleu, Azul, Blau

Everything is blue!! We got this idea from the artist Portia Munson. She collected all items that are pink. Her collection remembles the difference between pink and blue and the time period. Our collection shows that our era is different. Half of these items on this table I have never seen before or would have new thought of. Portia's pink collection shows how girly things are and youth. All of her pink items are children's toys or things you would see in a child's room. It just shows how different we see everything.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My name is Sarah and I am a hoarder

I would classify myself as a hoarder. i keep stuff that is significant to me. Things that are memories to me. I don't throw away much because I believe I will use them later. Even though I can't. Andy Warhol did the same thing. In fact he collected over 600 boxes of stuff. They all had meaning to him. They are time capsules to him and to history. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Compare and Contrast

Here are my final drawings!! I have to say that the bike drawing was my favorite. I enjoy working with graphite pencil way more than colored pencil. The color pencils bring the picture to life and makes it more visual to look at, but the graphite pencil is just a nicer finish. Personally I find working with colored pencil so difficult. I never can get colors right. The lid on my candy drawing was really hard to get the color right. I love the graphite pencils. I love shading and I just enjoyed it more. 

Candy Jar Drawing

It's not finished yet but here it is!! This is the most difficult drawing I have done. We had to draw candy in a jar. The most difficult part of this drawing was defiantly drawing the jar. Trying to get the shape of it. We also had to draw the candy inside the jar. That was really hard. Every angle you looked at the candies form would change. We did this whole drawing in colored pencil. That was fun but I would make errors and want to erase but I couldn't. This was a fun drawing. I hope later we use the colored pencils again.  

Bike drawing

I enjoyed the bike drawing. This is my finished picture!! I had a difficult angle to work with but I think I handled it nicely. The easiest part for me was drawing the petal. That's where I started my drawing. The hardest part was the tire and gears. My drawing was at a complicated angle and it was weird to position it. The value brought my picture to life. Once I started shading you could tell what everything was. We did this whole drawing in pencil. I prefer working with pencil because I can erase my errors and I just think it's nicer to look at when it's done. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Junior Year!!!

Im back!!! I had such a great experience in art last year, I wanted to take it again!! Im so excited to get started this year. I hope to improve my art skills and learn something new. Last year I learned about drawing,different types of collages and pottery. This year I hope to improve both of them and more. I enjoyed everything we did and what we are going to do. Im really looking forward to this year!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reflexion Post

Finishing my first year in creative arts I learned so much. I learned how to do draw and how to use clay and make pottery. Mrs. Kiick taught me so much and I learned so much from my classmates. I enjoyed it so much. I defiantly recommend this class to everyone. I hope I have this class next year. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Adventures of Grover and Gillian

It was the summer of 2012, when Grover and Gillian met. It's kinda a funny story how they met. They were both on a beach in North Carolina when they first saw each other. Grover was a lifeguard and Gillian was just another girl on the beach. Anyway, so at one point Gillian went into the water and she was out really far. Grover looked and saw that she was struggling. He grabbed his life preserver and swam out to save her. Grover got there just in time. He dragged Gillian to the shore and examined her to see if she was okay. Grover began CPR on her. After 15 minutes she was saved!! After that they became instant friends. They ended up spending that whole summer together!

On there last night in North Carolina Grover and Gillian spent the whole day together. Grover wanted to tell Gillian how he felt about her. He wanted to tell her before she left. The thing is with Grover is that he is really bad with telling people how he feels. He came up with the idea of telling her how he felt in a letter.

As the day turns into night Gillian and Grover walked along the beach talking. Grover felt like he was ready to give Gillian the letter but he couldn't do it. All of these fears popped into his head.
"What if she doesn't feel the same way?"
"What if I ruin our friendship?"
All of these questions scared him.

"Grover can I tell you something?" Gillian asked.
"You can tell me anything." Grover said.
"We spent a whole amazing summer together and I have been wanting to tell you this for the longest time but I couldn't do it but I can now. Grover I like you." Gillian said with relief.
"Really?" Grover said happily. "I feel the exact same way!! I was way to scared to tell you. I wrote you a letter telling you how I felt but I was to scared to give it to you." Grover gives her the note. Gillian read the note and was so happy. Grover walked Gillian home after that. They said there goodbyes but as Gillian walked to her door Grover wiped her around and kissed her goodbye. Gillian was on cloud 9 and could not wait to see Grover again next summer.

Friday, January 18, 2013


When I first heard about this project I wasn't really excited. This was pretty tough task. We first had to pick a season. I had a tough time picking a season, I had so many ideas but when I sketched them out it was way to complicated. I ended up picking winter as my theme and snowflakes as my design. I drew and cut out snowflakes that were linked together. Mrs. Kiick and I realized that it looked to dull so we added a piece of paper with stripes. It gives it a cool effect and shadow. Overall I really enjoyed this project.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Embellished Blind Contour Self-Portrait Drawing

Last time I did a blind contour was in middle school, and doing it again in high school I'm not so thrilled. Drawing is not my strongest point in art and now doing without looking makes it even 10 times harder. How we do the blind contour is we look in a mirror at ourselves and draw what we see without looking. It's a challenge but I'm up to try it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Empty Bowls Dinner

For the past couple weeks we have been making bowls,plates,and platers for our annual empty bowls dinner. It's an annual thing Mrs. Kiick and the community run to feed the needy. It's so great how many people come out and support the food bank of South Jersey.

The dinner will be held February 9th in our high school cafeteria at 5:30-8:00. We will be serving pasta!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Artist Reseach Post

 Roy Lichtenstein was born on October 27, 1923 and passed away on September 29, 1997. Roy is remembered most by his pop art. In the 1960s, his art was put in the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City. He was one of the main people of the art movement. He favorite kind of art was old fashion comic strip. The technique he used for his art pieces was called the benday dots. To me that's one of the reasons I love his work the benday dot is such a cool effect it really makes the work POP! Roy Lichtenstein made the benday dot famous. Artists today use this technique. Im really looking foward to starting this project.(1997-09-29)....