Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Present from the past

The year is 2034, I am 40 years old. I'm married and have two beautiful children. We just recently moved into a new house. It's big and very comforting. As we were unpacking I found the present in the closet of my room. I opened it and it's from the girl who used to live here before. She was a junior at the local high school down the street. There was a letter in it and it explained what this box was. It was a time capsule from her art class. As I looked through this box filled with memories I learned so much about her. She came from an average family. A mom and a dad and 3 sisters. She also played basketball for her high school team. They were South Jersey Group 1 champions in 2014. You could tell she loved it. I also saw pictures of her and her friends. She reminded me a lot like myself way back. After looking through this time capsule I was inspired to make one. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goodbye Junior Year :(

I cannot believe this year already over. Art class has been so much fun this year. Junior year has been my best year. And art has been my favorite class. We did so much I couldn't believe how much it was until we were done. We did drawings, mixed media collage, and ceramics. My favorite part of the year was sewing my art book together. I love sewing my book together because I can look through all my art from this year and be amazed. It's been a great year and I'm so upset it's over. This was my last year of creative arts and next year I will be in ceramics. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Greatest Gift

An empty start,
Waiting to begin,
All you need is a heart,
And to come from within.

A baby, 
A wonderful gift,
You are what you are given, maybe,
But some give you short shrift.

You've grown from nothing,
You've learned a lot,
Time to contribute something,
A baby of your own deserves a shot.

Bring a baby to life,
So that it too may join your strife. 

Children deserve more, we are all people.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookie

This was easily one of my favorite projects we have done yet. We were given six fortune cookies. Out of those six fortunes we had to choose which one meant something to us. I chose " A pleasant surprise is in store for you." When I read that fortune I immediately related it to my life. One night my boyfriend and I wished upon a shooting star and we believe he came true. I believe that till this day he is my pleasant surprise. Well most of the time. 

Art x3

This project was a lot of fun. We exchanged our art with other students. What I mean by that is they worked on a piece of art then they passed it on to another student and the other student worked on their art. The way I saw this project it was like an add on. It was tricky cause you didn't want to add to much or too little. My problem was I felt like I was messing up someone's paper. But then you look at the final result and your like wow. You can add something so little and someone else made it big. I enjoyed this project. I hope we do something like this again. 

Pop Print

This project was a lot of fun. We had to create a design, then transfer it on a rubber stamp. I chose to carve a shooting star. This symbol means a lot to me. When I first met my boyfriend we were hanging out and we both saw a shooting star and we both knew it meant something. I wear a necklace everyday with a shooting star on it. It's an iconic symbol in our relationship. So I figure I would re-create it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blue, Bleu, Azul, Blau

Everything is blue!! We got this idea from the artist Portia Munson. She collected all items that are pink. Her collection remembles the difference between pink and blue and the time period. Our collection shows that our era is different. Half of these items on this table I have never seen before or would have new thought of. Portia's pink collection shows how girly things are and youth. All of her pink items are children's toys or things you would see in a child's room. It just shows how different we see everything.